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By littledivaparties, Sep 17 2020 12:37PM

My daughter is a grudge holder, If you upset her she won’t speak to you for days.

If its someone from school she won’t talk to them for weeks or even months. She never could see what I saw and that was she was keeping hold of that tiny bit of anger by holding a grudge and I could see it was affecting her.

Even if she couldn’t see it, she would say things like no I’m not playing there because I’m not speaking to them, they did this or that and it went on. I needed to give her a way to feel hurt and angry in that moment and know what was ok but then holding onto a tiny piece of that feeling was bad for her. Journaling became my solution.

I had tried to get my daughter to journal a few times and like a typical teenager she didn’t want to try anything new but please be persistent with it and try offering it a variety of ways.

Journaling helps older children and teens to

• Explore and identify emotions1

• Feel anger

• Express fear

• Examine the pros and cons of something in order to be more decisive

• Look more carefully at her thoughts about something after the immediate situation has passed

• Gain some insight into her own and other people's motives2

• See the positives as well as the negatives

• Plan out difficult conversations ahead

Rather than spouting their anger out all over social media or continuing the anger and upset the following days at school, Journaling will allow them to feel angry and write it all out and then let it go. That is the key point to all of this and make sure to explain that. The whole reason were getting this out our heads is to move on.

Keeping even just a tiny bit of that anger inside is only affecting them. Not the other person they will have moved on from it but it stays within them and becomes a grudge and becomes emotional baggage they carry out with them and its effecting them only, nobody else.

Journaling doesn’t just have to be for bad times either, it should be for all things of fun, excitement, joy, new friendships, achievements because its about the exploring of their emotions and processing them.

Kids that will learn to process their emotions will become strong minded

Kids who understand their emotions and have the coping skills to deal with them will be confident that they can handle whatever life throws their way.

Lets be real isn’t that why we are parenting them in the first place?

To grow to be well rounded adults that wont crumble at the first sign of something going wrong.

Please give this a try with your children, we would love to know how you get on.

By littledivaparties, Apr 22 2018 06:41AM

This really gets my back up! 😡

Obviously my daughter is a little diva, she's over the top, her ideas are crazy and out there, she dreams big and I love this!! But when she share these dreams with other adults they try to install THEIR OWN reality into my daughters expectations, they try to put a lid on what she could achieve! Don't do this!


WHY - I know dreaming big is the very start of creating the life you want & love!


I want my daughter to have a life she loves, most people aren't happy with their lives because they don't have that big dream. They feel they are just plodding along but don't know how to change it. It's all down to them either not having a dream, forgetting they had one, or don’t take the time to sit down and think what their dream would be now, they don't know where they are going so how would they ever get there! I have been there too, life takes over, things happen to you, reality of work, life and raising a family take over and you lose sight of dreams you once had and never took the time to sit down and plan to get them dreams back on track.


EVERY SUCCESS STORY I HAVE HEARD STARTED WITH: when I was a kid I wanted xxxxx, I wanted to xxxxx I wanted to be the one who xxxxxxx


As adults we put the reality of our own situation of what's possible onto our kids, this has been done for generation and generations. But it's time to stop! Dont tell my daughter she can't have a mansion because you don't have one, Don't tell me kid she cant travel all over America because you haven’t, Dont tell my Kid she can’t have her dream job, because it doesn’t sound like a real job to you and then try and give her list of ‘normal’ jobs to choose from! Don’t do this! Just because you don’t know how she would even make it possible doesn’t mean she won’t figure out how to get herself there.


I know this is actually coming from a place of love, you don’t want her to be disappointed or struggle but by doing this you are putting a lid on what she is going to believe is possible for her. It’s not up to you or me or anyone to tell my daughter, our kids, what is possible for her/them. Will it be easy NO but nothing is ever easy. That’s not reality of life. You can have just as many ups and downs in a 9-5 job as you can in working towards your dream job and life.

But what will make it easier to get through the struggles is knowing she has a purpose, a mission, she has a dream that she is trying to get to… and whens shes there all those struggles will have been worth it as she will have worked to get her dream, to be the person she wanted to be, rather than working her whole life building someone else dream and losing who she is in the process.

Struggles in life, work, dreams will always be there no matter what level in life you are at. You conquer one level and there will be new struggles on the next, they will never go away. I would rather her struggles are for something that she has always dreamed of being.


So next time a child tells you of their dreams, encourage them to get excited about it, get excited for them. They could change their dream from week to week but just installing that belief into them that anything is possible for them is so important for them achieving success in their life no matter how many times that dream might change. Isn’t that what we all want for our kids, for them to be successful in their own way and to live a life they are happy in.



This is obviously just my own opinion and the values I want for my children… please let us know in the comments below your thoughts on this.






By littledivaparties, Jan 30 2018 01:50PM

There's always a year where your child wants a party but she doesnt know what she wants. Theres so much to choose from its gets overwhelming for both of you!

Instead stay ahead of the game, be the leader of your mummy crowd and pick one of top 5 party trends for 2018!


Think sequined table cloths, netting, shells, lots of layering of sea green and purples. There so much fun to be had with the different mermaid make up looks you can create.


Teens are hard to impress these days, the want that perfect luxury insta pics. The marble and metallics table ware and ballons are the perfect classy grown up setting for your teens!


Getting fed up of the same old themes and just want some fun? This doughnut trend is great for fun girls! Doughnut walls are very celeb and all the rage for 2018!


This has had a steady groth but in 2018 will be in full swing! Your kids lives are based on emojis and they want this for their parties too! I love this theme as its fun and is great for mixed parties!


Love it or over it, it isn't going anywhere! Only getting bigger and bigger is the unicorn party! Great for a wide variety of ages and there is something magical about it.


By littledivaparties, Apr 1 2016 08:12PM

We are loving the family vibe we have at the minute at Little Diva Parties! All the mums and grandparents are all joining in on the parties, they been seen in the foot spas, on the karaoke and in the photo props! Its really nice to see Parents and family getting to enjoy the special moments with the birthday girl/boy instead of running round trying to keep everyone else entertained, there hard earned money has been well spent and well enjoyed by all the family.

Have you all enjoyed Easter!! We hope you have all been out making memories with your little ones!

I have been various places but decided to try conkers for the first time... It was lovely day out with all my family and great for the children to try some new experiences like the Giant wall climb and The zip wire!

Have you all seen the Calendar made by the midwives at Miracle in Progress to raise money and awareness for the Down Syndrome assocaition. It truly is inspiring, they have been all over the news and they really have made a difference its so inspiring. We are all guilty of being so busy in our own day to day lives that we forget to help others or we plan to and life just takes over and the time flys by where we still have to yet make that commitment.

Im a big fan of Charity especially MacMillian which seems to be my own Family's charity choice we have always helped to raise money for.

We see so many fortunate children that are wonderful and have amazing lives but i really feel its time to try and reach out to other children that are less fortunate. We also want to make a difference and even though this has been a long term plan of mine to get involved in charities my home life priorities have alwaysbeen so busy its been put to one side. Well we are now looking to get involved, we want to help... so any of your guys have any charties that need our help please get in touch, we want to make a difference as much as we can wether thats raising money or giving our time to volunteer with projects we are ready to go... we have some charities in mind already that have touched our hearts but we want to help as many people as possible!!!

By littledivaparties, Feb 10 2016 10:05PM

I cannnot believe it has been so long since our last post! The time is flying by, we have been very busy planning lots of lovely half term events for our lovely customers, please take a look at our facebook page for full details on them, i have put alot of planning into making them special i hope your enjoy them. We have something for your little fairies, your older fashionista girls and our Harry potter day for boys and girls of all ages!!!

We have given our kitchen area a much needed make over, we have posted pictures of the new bright and outdoorsy look what do you think? Its now a lovely place for waiting parents to enjoy their cuppa and for our very hard working staff to have a well deserved break! I hope you like the new look!

We have also spent the last 2 weeks helping our new beautcian Kiran to settle in, she has some amazing special offers and is very resonably priced, she will be available during the weekends so if you fancy ticking off your list your essential beauty admin as i like to call it then step out of the party into her room for abit of R&R for yourself you can take a nice cuppa with you.

We have lots of lovely events coming up for half term!! Have you had chnace to take a look at them? We have something for little fairies, for boys & girls who love Harry Potter and something for the older girlswho are into their fashion. Fantastic and very different to going to the local indoor play zone.

I will let all my readers into a little secret we are about to launch our Brand new Harry Potter themed Parties!!!!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYYY we are veyr excited and its something very different to whats out there right now!! Spells and magic and the world of Harry Potter!!

We had our first Ballet Dance party this week, it was very cute and the little ones loved learning some ballet moves... all the parents looked so proud as they watched the short performance at the end, thank you to our professional dance teacher Kirsty who popped by to inspire the little ones. Peppa Pig and minnie mouse also made a visit which was very popular with the little one. We have mainly has lots of hula parties which we love at its bright and colourful and we forget all baout the rain in our sunny studio!

We are hvaing our very own celebration week at Little divas as its our team Leader Aisha and our party entertainer Beth birthdays!!!! Yippeeee CAKE!!! To celebrate we will be going to TGI'S for some yummy food and cocktails!! Plus I am looking forward to watching their faces when the staff sing the birthday song hehehehe....

Last but not least we cannot wait to support our new member Tamsin as she has the lead role in the musical performance of Grease!!! We will be there to support her and cheer her along im sure she will be Fab we cant wait!!!!

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